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Your activity and engagement, are they profitable?

This question will be answered by detailed and qualified analysis together with a view at possible revenue in the future. With our feasibility studies, consisting of an analysis of the site and the market, project conception and efficiency calculation, we will come to a qualified and independent statement for you, either being the project manager, the estate owner, the hotel manager or the investor. By means of transparency we create the sound and solid foundations for economic investments of lasting effect.

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In detail, our feasibility studies consist of the following elements:

• Market and site analysis
• Valuation of site specific infrastructure; treatment of the essential factors of the site
• Investigations concerning the economic background
• Analyses of the market capacity and potential
• Examination of supply and demand
• Competition analyses
• Analyses of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT)
• Site profile
• Conception
• Development / deduction of a management philosophy
• Definition of the target groups
• USP-Elaboration
• Definition of a functional layout
• Basic approaches of planning / comments
• Optimization of planning concepts
• Efficiency forecast
• 5-/10-Year forecasts and budget calculations
• Estimation of typical key-figures
• Segmental and seasonal studies
• Profit-Analyses
• Sensitive evaluations (best- /worst case scenarios)
• Enterprise comparisons


Feasibility Studies